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Norman Barton is a  former Atomic Energy Control Board (now called the
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission - CNSC) inspector in the Radioisotope
Compliance and Transportation sections. Types of licenses inspected included fixed gauges, portable gauges, industrial radiography, university, hospital, nuclear medicine, and research. N. Barton was certified by Transport Canada as a Class 7 Transportation of Dangerous Goods Inspector and is currently certified by the U.S. National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists.


Many organizations use radioactive materials as an incidental part of doing business and cannot afford to devote a full-time employee to the regulatory affairs associated with the CNSC. Noremtech will endeavour to ensure your organization's radiation safety and regulatory compliance so that you can get on with the business you were meant to be in.

Disposal of Radioisotopes

If you have radioisotopes or old nuclear gauges you would like to get rid of, Noremtech will endeavour to ease the paper burden associated with shipping and disposing of this material. We have CNSC licenses for both Storage of radioisotopes and for Installation, Dismounting and Dismantling nuclear gauges.

Licence Applications

Assistance with filling out complicated licence applications. The CNSC has moved to issuing licence application guides for fixed gauges, and may soon issue similar guides for other types of licenses.

Leak Testing

Sealed source leak testing of isotopes and devices. Noremtech was one of the first companies to be approved according to the CNSC R-116 Leak Testing requirements. Complete sampling and analysis of devices can be provided or licensee may perform the sampling and send the samples for analysis. Client will be notified in advance of when leak tests are again due to be performed to ensure the tests are completed according to the CNSC's required frequency.


CNSC licenses require that all people who handle radioactive materials receive appropriate training. Courses include basic radiation safety concepts and compliance requirements.

General Radiation Consulting

Assistance in various aspects of radiation safety and regulatory affairs, including:

Establishing inventory control programs Establishing contamination monitoring procedures Providing information on disposal of radioactive materials Assisting with transport of radioactive materials (packaging, documentation and permits) Signing and storage requirements

Procedures and Manuals

Development and review of radiation safety manuals, contamination monitoring procedures, inventory control procedures, and TDG documentation to reflect the latest CNSC and TDG regulations.


To fulfil the CNSC decommissioning requirements, thorough contamination monitoring and radiation surveys will be completed and accompanying documentation will be provided.

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